Scholarship Application is due by: January 1 of the year intended for travel 

Scholarship Application YEP.pdf

Applicant must:

1.    Meet all the age requirements for an exchange. Youth who will be at least 15 but not over 21 by July 1, 2024. 

2.    Live in MD19.  (Washington, Idaho, & British Columbia{BC Canada})

3.    Be sponsored by a Lions Club within MD19. (Your local Lions Club, example: Selah Valley Lions Club, in Selah WA)

4.    A scholarship will not pay the full cost. Cost is usually limited to transportation and insurance for the trip, plus money for incidentals and souvenirs. A committee of the MD19 Youth Exchange Foundation will set the exact amount of a scholarship based on need and other criteria. Remaining program costs may be paid by the sponsoring Lions club, by the participant, the participant's family, or a combination of these sources.

5.    Complete an MD19 Youth Exchange Travel Application Form, together with a photo of yourself and a photo of your family. Include two letters of reference from persons other than family members and a letter of introduction to a potential host family, written by yourself. 

6.    Submit the MD19 Youth Exchange Foundation scholarship application. Applications are due on January 1 of the year intended for travel. Awards are valid for travel in the year awarded.

7.    The family of a youth who receives a scholarship will be urged to host a youth at a future date, preferably within 2 years. A host family need not have membership in a Lions Club.

8.    A scholarship recipient must make an oral presentation upon return, at the sponsoring Lions Club and possibly at a Zone or District meeting.

9.    A Scholarship Committee, appointed by the MD19 Youth Exchange Committee, shall review all applications, select recipients and set the amount of each award. Committee review may need supplemental financial information or need to meet with the applicant and family. 

10.   Scholarship recipients and amounts shall be announced by January 31st of the travel year. Decisions are final.