Jonah K - Germany (Age 16)

Jonah K - Germany (Age 16)

Dear Host Family,

Thank you for spending time on reading my letter and getting to know me better. I really hope the following will give you an impression about my personality and why I would like to spend my summer vacation in the USA.

My name is Jonah, I am a 16 years old student from Germany. My friend and family describe me as a calm, nice, open-minded and gentle person. They also mentioned that I have a wide range of interests.

My family and I are living in a small town called Alzey which is near Mainz and Frankfurt. I have a 19 year old sister name Lara. She is studying economics at the University of Mainz and I like her very much. My father is an IT Consultant for the local government and my mother runs her own business in the textile industry. We have a dog as well and I really going out for a walk with it. I love spending time with my family.

In my spare time I enjoy flying gliders and planes in general. I'm also spending a lot of time hanging out with friends. We often go to the cities nearby or swimming in a lake that is about 30 minutes away from Alzey.

My great passion, as I mentioned earlier is flying. That's why I joined a flying club in Mainz and currently do a gliders license. I love flying and spending time with club members. Gliding is a really active sport, you have to be concentrated all the time and help other pilots while you're not flying. In winter, when we are not flying because of the cold weather, we maintain our planes, which is why I'm very interest in technology as well. I'm also interested in metrology, politics and science.  

I attend 11th grade at a high school in my hometown. My favorite subjects are Physics, English and Geography. Because I'm interested in those subjects I think it's important to know English to success. I will graduate from school in 2 years. After school I either want to study  something scientific or become a pilot.

Last but not least I want to mention why I want to visit America. I think this exchange is a great opportunity to improve my English skills, meet new people and getting to know the American culture. I watch a lot of American videos on the internet and movies, thus I would like to experience the "American way of life".

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

I hope to hear from you soon!